We’ve Got Letters

These are letters which readers have sent to us, posted on our Facebook page or sent to the newspapers.

  • Are you a YIYBY? August 22, 2019

    Joseph Hirsch

    It’s not whether you are a NIMBY or a YIMBY (Daily Post, August 21st), but a YIYBY (“Yes In Your Back Yard”) because that is what Scott Wiener of San Francisco, and others like him, are pursuing via SB50 (Daily Post, August 20th).

  • ABAG and BMR Housing August 19, 2019


    Every move California ABAG and related unelected and not-responsible Committees have made seems to be based on making it easy for developers to increase their profit. They claim it is based on planning, but it is not. As is borne out by the results.

  • The “real” impediment to affordable housing July 16, 2019

    Joseph Hirsch

    The July issue of POLITICO Magazine has an article that states: “The middle-class dream of a single-family home is the biggest impediment to affordable housing, according to some housing activists—it keeps prices up by preventing new and denser developments.. This is simply wrong, wrong, wrong!

Editorials by our webmaster and staff.

  • The Only Wiener California Needs June 5, 2020


    State Senator Scott Wiener has rushed bad bills through his Housing Committee which would destroy our neighborhoods and raise our taxes.

  • Support Our Local Newspapers March 31, 2020


    The current Coronavirus health crisis is affecting all our daily lives, and it is having a huge impact on two critical sources of news and information that our community has relied on for years and needs in this time of crisis – the Palo Alto Weekly and the Daily Post.

  • Dear Senator: Please oppose SB 50 January 24, 2020


    Livable California has set up a letter which you can sign and it will be emailed to all the State Senators to tell them you oppose SB-50.