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More than a decade ago, Bay Area regional planning agencies launched a growth strategy intended to concentrate new jobs and housing at designated sites close to transit — so-called Priority Development Areas or PDAs.

Now, questions are being raised about whether the strategy has backfired, worsening the shortage of housing relative to jobs, lengthening commutes, and snarling traffic. Even the agencies that came up with the idea of PDAs are acknowledging that the concept may need adjustments.

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An Open Letter from PASZ to the MTC

Greg Schmid, a former Palo Alto vice mayor, said that while jobs have been added in the PDAs, housing in those areas has lagged, particularly in the West Bay region between San Francisco and Santa Clara.

“MTC’s Plan Bay Area 2040 has been a major contributor to the jobs/housing growth imbalances in the West Bay,” Schmid said in a letter to the agency.

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