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Posted by: Bob Silvestri – October 4, 2023 –

In June of 2023, Dominican Valley LLC submitted five SB 330 Preliminary Application proposals to develop on the 20-acres (approx.) parcel surrounded on three sides by Deer Park Avenue, Gold Hill Grade, Highland Avenue, and Margarita Drive in San Rafael. The developer claimed eligibility for what is known as the “Builder’s Remedy” for 4 of the 5 proposals.

In my opinion, that claim is completely without merit.

I want to take a moment to applaud the enormous effort being made by the Save Dominican Valley community group (SDV) to educate the public and elected officials about the pertinent issues at hand and to ensure that any development in Dominican Valley is appropriate, environmentally sustainable, and legally compliant. Although they’ve fully acknowledged that there are many steps that any development proposal must go through, it’s clear that their goal is to bring up the challenges to development on the Dominican Valley site, early on, in the hope of saving the City, the developer, and the public from wasting time and taxpayers’ money in the years ahead.

SDV’s most recent comment letter to the City takes an in-depth look at the Builder’s Remedy and is copied below.

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