Wiener, the Yimbys, and the 50-story tower 1

By Zelda Bronstein
April 20, 2023

Up to now, when it comes to development, Scott Wiener and the Yimbys have always agreed that bigger is better. So it’s notable that they’re at odds about the 50-story skyscraper being proposed for 2700 Sloat Boulevard. The Yimbys love it. “It’s so beautiful,” tweeted California Yimby CEO Brian Hanlon over a rendering of the tower. “We think the project is very exciting,”
Wiener is opposed.


FRIDAY, APRIL 14, 2023

Immediately after state legislators passed the landmark SB 9 and 10 in 2021, taking most local land-use decisions away from city councils and county supervisors, resentful local officials vowed to run a referendum campaign and kill those new laws. But the referendum mounted by dozens of local officials never got off the ground that year,.

Catalysts On A Crusade

By Jack Metz April 10, 2023

Early tomorrow morning, residents of numerous California counties will congregate in Sacramento to demand legislators rethink everything about state land use policy. Thanks to the impressive orchestration efforts of Catalysts, a grassroots network based in Mill Valley, dozens of partner organization members will break out into teams and meet with various Capitol decision makers.

9th Circuit issues scathing rebuke of Lorena Gonzalez

By Karen Anderson | The Coast News Group 04-07-2023

“Corruption.” “Backroom dealing.” “Pure spite.” “Naked favoritism.”

These are the words written by the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals to describe former Assemblywoman Lorena Gonzalez’s bad behavior when crafting her anti-independent contractor law AB 5 (Assembly Bill 5), enacted in January 2020.

Is LA Times Reporter Liam Dillon’s Housing Coverage Biased?

Through a weeks-long investigation, Housing Is A Human Right has found disturbing patterns in the housing coverage of Los Angeles Times reporter Liam Dillon. Most troubling, we discovered that Dillon repeatedly dismissed the housing justice movement in his work; routinely carried out biased coverage against AIDS Healthcare Foundation; and constantly promoted a “build, build, build” agenda, which matched up perfectly with the real estate industry’s political and financial agendas.