California YIMBY Research Bounty Program 1

The YIMBY movement is lucky to have a base that is both technically sophisticated and eager to chip in. To fully leverage this, California YIMBY is launching a research bounty program to make our research and data needs clear, reward those who volunteer to help fill these needs, and generally increase our research output without all of the typical overhead and bureaucracy.

Group for more housing is not what it seems

by Amy Kalish

In a recent article about cities risking uncertified housing elements (“Marin cities risk ‘builder’s remedy’ over housing plan delays,” Jan. 16), the Californians for Homeownership group is identified as a nonprofit, but it is more than that. I don’t consider it to be a low-income housing advocacy group, as the context suggests.

Activists sue Marin cities over housing plans


Two Marin cities are facing lawsuits over their handling of housing plan updates.
In two separate suits filed in Marin Superior Court on Wednesday, Novato and Belvedere are accused of violating state law by failing to give the state time to review their adopted plans to accommodate more homes.

Local control is slipping away

By Ann Duwe
While every city in California was trying to create an acceptable housing element, the city councils, their consultants and we, the citizens, lost sight of the larger picture. What is slipping away is our ability to participate in shaping the communities where we live.

It Can’t Happen Soon Enough 3

By Tom Campbell

Last February, Catalysts hosted a Zoom conversation with highly regarded state and national politician Tom Campbell. We talked about California housing policy, and he described his goal to improve government policy and services by creating a Common Sense Party.

As you’ll read in his update, the Common Sense Party is picking up steam. Many of us have changed party affiliation in support of Tom’s vision and commitment to common sense.