Just WOW.

The response to our campaign for a new political party has been overwhelming! This new party is really happening! Thousands of you are registering with the Common Sense Party.

And it can’t happen soon enough.

You see, a new year begins, but the same two party dysfunction continues in our nation’s capitals. In the last election, $17 billion was spent by the political parties and special interests in 2022 to elect hyper partisans who will have to toe the party lines and put party before people or progress.

With all that money spent, who do you think the politicians are listening to? It’s not average people.

The Common Sense Party is taking real action against the corrupt two party system that’s bankrolled by special interests and listens only to the extremes, while ignoring the REST of us.

We’re new, but we’ve already registered 25,000+ voters who reject the usual “zombie partisanship” that passes for public debate these days. We’re a party for people who would rather think for ourselves than blindly follow partisan loyalty tests and personality cults.

And we’ve clearly struck a nerve.


Thousands of Californians are switching their voter registrations to the Common Sense Party. We’re close to the number of new registrants we need to shock the entrenched party bosses and qualify as a new powerful party of independents.

Imagine the look on the party bosses faces they learn that a party of independents has qualified to change the entire balance of power.

Remember, if you think the system is broken, you’re not alone. Tens of thousands of Californians have signed up for our grassroots movement. Click here to join us and be a part of history in the making!

Please take this simple step so we can celebrate together when the Common Sense Party is officially recognized.


Tom Campbell
Chair, Common Sense Party

PS – We’re trying to meet our deadline of January 20 to register another 5,000 party members. Do you think you could help us reach our goal by changing your registration to Common Sense Party today? You can do it online in about six minutes.

For more background on the Common Sense Party, watch the Catalysts Conversation with Tom Campbell.