Catalysts On A Crusade

By Jack Metz April 10, 2023

Early tomorrow morning, residents of numerous California counties will congregate in Sacramento to demand legislators rethink everything about state land use policy. Thanks to the impressive orchestration efforts of Catalysts, a grassroots network based in Mill Valley, dozens of partner organization members will break out into teams and meet with various Capitol decision makers.

UCLA’s secretive neoliberal housing conference

If you were looking for an event that epitomizes the neoliberalization of the University of California, you’d be hard pressed to top the UCLA Institute of Transportation Studies’ 2022 Lake Arrowhead Symposium.
It’s a public school using public money, but we can’t find out even basic information about the Lake Arrowhead housing conference, where reporters have to sign a gag order.

Stop the Loss of Local Control! 4

It’s not over… SB-50 may be shelved temporarily, but we are still under attack by Sacramento! There are a slew of other state/assembly bills that are moving forward which, if passed, will eliminate local governance over land use and zoning. Most of these proposed bills aim to eliminate single family […]