9th Circuit issues scathing rebuke of Lorena Gonzalez

By Karen Anderson | The Coast News Group 04-07-2023

“Corruption.” “Backroom dealing.” “Pure spite.” “Naked favoritism.”

These are the words written by the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals to describe former Assemblywoman Lorena Gonzalez’s bad behavior when crafting her anti-independent contractor law AB 5 (Assembly Bill 5), enacted in January 2020.

Is LA Times Reporter Liam Dillon’s Housing Coverage Biased?

Through a weeks-long investigation, Housing Is A Human Right has found disturbing patterns in the housing coverage of Los Angeles Times reporter Liam Dillon. Most troubling, we discovered that Dillon repeatedly dismissed the housing justice movement in his work; routinely carried out biased coverage against AIDS Healthcare Foundation; and constantly promoted a “build, build, build” agenda, which matched up perfectly with the real estate industry’s political and financial agendas.

Is LA Times Reporter Liam Dillon a Shill for Big Real Estate?

by Housing Is A Human Right

A weeks-long Housing Is A Human Right investigation has found that Los Angeles Times housing reporter Liam Dillon participated in at least 20 real estate industry events since 2016, committing numerous conflict-of-interest breaches and possibly other ethical violations. The integrity and impartiality of Dillon and the L.A. Times have been seriously compromised – and a full, transparent investigation must be carried out.