Stop the Loss of Local Control! 4   Recently updated !

There are current proposals before our state legislature (SB 50 and the CASA Compact) that are major threats to local zoning authority in Palo Alto and throughout the state. These proposals would impose dense zoning mandates throughout Palo Alto. Stop the erosion and loss of local decision-making and control to […]

SB 50, SB 330 and Beyond 1

If you don’t know about what is going on in Sacramento proposed legislation this year yet, FIND OUT ABOUT IT FAST because it is coming for your home, your block, your neighborhood, and your community NO MATTER WHERE YOU LIVE IN CALIFORNIA.

Critical Joint Meeting of City Councils 1   Recently updated !

Save Local Zoning Control
This coming Monday, May 6th, 5:00 p.m. the Palo Alto City Council is holding a special joint session with the Menlo Park and East Palo Alto City Councils — focused on SB 50 and other proposed state-mandated legislation that would destroy local zoning control and radically change our family residential neighborhoods forever!

Planning for Rising Waters   Recently updated !

Save Palo Alto’s Groundwater and the City of Palo Altoare pleased to present Planning for Rising Waters:Sea Level, Ground Water and the Bay Edge Dr. Kristina HillAssoc. Professor, Landscape Architecture and Environmental Planning and Urban Design, U.C. Berkeley April 24, 2019, 7PM to 8:30PMMitchell Park Community Center, El Palo Alto […]

Keep the Downtown Cap

This coming Monday, the City Council will consider the repeal and elimination of the Downtown Commercial Cap (officially known as the Non-Residential Square Footage Cap), which sets specific limits on the level of office & hotel growth in the downtown area and helps lower traffic congestion throughout the City.

Eliminating President Hotel Housing

Although providing more housing is a Council priority, Palo Alto’s City Council plans to vote this Monday instead on possibly eliminating 75 small Downtown apartment units by changing a law to help the new owners of the President Hotel Apartments convert it into a hotel. 

Stanford GUP Community Input Meeting

With Stanford University proposing a major expansion and growth plan for the next 20 years, now is the critical time to speak up and express your views on how this expansion will affect your neighborhood and our entire quality of life in Palo Alto.

PASZ Alert – Oppose Lame Duck Council Actions

The Palo Alto City Council will vote on Monday, November 26th on a proposed Housing Ordinance that directly impacts our neighborhoods with more congestion and parking woes. Why would anyone want that?

PASZ Candidates Are Winners

All our PASZ supported candidates, Tom DuBois, Eric Filseth, Karen Holman and Ken Dauber,were winners in this year’s elections