Candidates Scorecard

IT’S NOT ABOUT WHAT CANDIDATES SAY, IT’S HOW THEY VOTE!! Council Members vote on critical issues that define the future quality of life in Palo Alto. You should know how the incumbents for City Council — running for re-election — have voted on several key issues.

We Need Your Votes

An open letter to all who are concerned, as we are, about the future of Palo Alto as a livable community. We need your votes! Read more…

Reduce the Office Cap 16

Are you fed up with Traffic Congestion?  Lack of Parking?  Rising Housing Costs?  Increased Taxes? If you are a registered voter and Palo Alto resident, please sign the PASZ petition Read more…

PASZ General Meeting 2

We will be holding a special “all-hands-on-deck” PASZ General Meeting next week!. Discussion will center on a proposed plan to launch an Initiative for the Fall 2018 election regarding non-residential growth in the City of Palo Alto.
Read more…

Parking in Residential Neighborhoods 1

On Feburary 26 at 7:15pm the Council will consider a staff report to put improvement on hold for up to 24 months.  THIS IS UNACCEPTABLE AND MUST NOT BE APPROVED.  BETTER SOLUTIONS HAVE BEEN AND WILL BE PRESENTED TO COUNCIL.