Petitioners/Plaintiffs City of Redondo Beach, City of Carson, City of Torrance, and City of Whittier bring this action to uphold the California Constitution and prevent the State of California from usurping a charter city’s land use authority, which is a uniquely municipal affair.

Four California Cities File Lawsuit to Stop SB-9

Report finds housing goals are not supported by evidence On March 17, Michael S. Tilden, the Acting California State Auditor, issued a blistering critique of the Department of Housing and Community Development (HCD) and its Regional Housing Needs Assessments (RHNA). The Auditor found problems in the HCD methodology that may have inflated RHNA requirements by hundreds of thousands of housing units.

California State Auditor releases scathing report on RHNA process

The City is considering a tax on large businesses for the November 2022 ballot. Residents would like to fund and restore basic city services like public safety, libraries and streets, with money also towards affordable housing and homelessness.

Proposed Business Tax – Resident Priorities Poll